7 Inspiring Quotes From The BFI London Film Festival Red Carpet

LFF kicked off this Wednesday and both headline premieres so far have been all about the women. Widows – which celebrated its European premiere opening the festival – stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and many more inspiring women in a female-lead heist story directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave). Last night, Colette – based on the pioneer feminist and novelist Colette, portrayed by Keira Knightley – took centre stage. We went down to Leicester Square and got some inspiring quotes from the cast and directors first hand…

1. “It’s amazing to be here and be interviewed by so many women journalists. Where have you been hiding?” – Steve McQueen, Widows director

2. “Awareness has changed in the industry. Women have taken ownership. Women are not settling for being silent anymore. Silence is for the oppressor.” – Viola Davis,Widows lead actress

3. “35 years ago, when I watched the original Widows TV show, I was a black child living in London and saw these women who were being judged on their appearance and deemed incapable. It felt similar to how I was being judged at the time, so I had that connection with them which stayed with me for such a long time. And then they achieved what they wanted to achieve. I loved the idea of taking that narrative and putting it into a social, political picture. That was very interesting to me.” – Steve McQueen, Widows director

4. “Colette is a pioneer in many ways. She is a feminist icon, a pioneer for the LGBTQ movement and just an extraordinary personality. What a great starting point for a film. In her first marriage she’s married to a guy who is completely claiming credit for her work and we thought: this is a film right here.” – Wash Westmoreland, Colette director

5. “We need women to speak up, but we also need our male allies. Inequality hurts all of us and no one should have to live in a culture of fear. We need women’s stories in a public arena. Women need to be respected and understood.” – Keira Knightley, Colette cast

6. “You could tell this story 1000 different ways: women having their work corrupted by men, women’s voices being kept down by men, women being trapped in bad marriages with controlling men. That’s why I think people should go see this movie.” – Wash Westmoreland, Colette director

7. “I find sometimes when I’m facing something really difficult I think ‘just do a Colette’. Turn yourself into battering ram, break through it and get out on the other side. That’s how she lived her life.” – Wash Westmoreland, Colette director


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