Dilone IT – 5 Facts You Need To Know About Supermodel Dilone

A familiar face on the model circuit and one of the stars of our TopshopIT campaign, Dilone is a force to be reckoned with. From starring in major editorial campaigns, nailing her off-duty looks and openly documenting her struggles with mental health, the Dominican model is a breath of fresh air. Here are the top five moments in her career so far…

1. Her big break was walking for Marc Jacobs

Dilone first wowed audiences at the Marc Jacobs AW16 show. With bleached brows, smoky eyeshadow and cropped hair, she was catapulted into the limelight.

2. She’s walked the Topshop runway twice

Dilone walked in the Topshop AW18 runway, drapedΒ in a shearling coat over a multi-coloured body and zip-detail jumper. This wasn’t the model’s first time with us – she was part of the September 2017 show.

3. She’s also walked for Victoria’s Secret twice

The model has walked the annual Victoria Secrets show in 2016 and 2017. A milestone in her career, the show even gave her a chance to have a little dance with Bruno Mars.

4. She’s graced the cover of Vogue three times

Not many models can say they’ve been on the cover of Vogue once or twice, but Dilone has managed to nab that title three times. Starring on the cover of Vogue Netherlands, Mexico and Turkey, we’re sure a fourth cover isn’t far off.

5. She’s not one to shy away from important issues


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How y’all feeling? I feel stronger than ever these days- in mind, body, AND spirit. I have meditation to thank. #AD lol I had a mental break down a little while ago. Even though my last one had been about year since, I told myself I don’t want to get to this place again. It’s time to take care of myself and my sanity. This is a very psychologically demanding industry amongst being physically and emotionally demanding. And then there’s my personal life that can take a toll on me, too. I’m human after all and I feel very deeply. Taking pills for anxiety wasn’t gonna cut it for me. Reading “self help” books didn’t necessarily stick w me. (Although I’ll take recommendations) Running, yoga and boxing wasn’t enough for me either. Meditation every morning and night for almost the last month and a half has had amazing benefits. (Try the app Insight Timer) and I saw benefits after just a few days. I can remember things again, I don’t feel as anxious, I understand how to protect my energy, I’ve slowed down, I’ve been open to signs my guides have given me that have led me to make better choices. I recognize when someone is being deceitful. I feel strong in kindness and able to take on anything and anyone. Someone shared w me “when the world feels like a cold place, go inward.” Sometimes our anxiety is a reflection of other’s energies around us. Sometimes its the awareness of the pain and suffering going on throughout the world. Even if we physically separate ourselves from others or we act ignorant and blind to events taking place throughout the world to protect our own energy, we are still affected because in many ways we are all connected. That’s a lot of pain to feel. Sounds corny and it’s true. No wonder so many people are on anti depressants or using substances to help numb the pain or stop the voices in their head crying for help. We are affected by everything that goes on around and inside of us. Meditation has helped me take on the responsibility of working on myself. In doing so I can with a clear mind and open heart genuinely help others without feeling like it’s too much pressure. It’s a lot of work. You DO have to be disciplined and give yourself time for i

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During a frank and honest Instagram post last year, the model opened up about her on-going battle with her mental health. In the incredibly intimate post, she expressed how important it is to take some time out for yourself.

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