We Spoke To Michael Halpern About His Exclusive Topshop Collaboration

Today sees the launch of Topshop x HALPERN, a collaboration with London-based emerging designer Michael Halpern embracing the brand’s signature look in 28 exclusive lines. We spoke to Michael himself to find out more about his inspirations, the key pieces and how to style the collection…

What made you want to collaborate with Topshop?

As a designer it’s amazing to collaborate with Topshop and have a one-off, accessibly-priced line produced on a mass scale. It means the glamour spreads as the pieces are made readily available to people that wouldn’t necessarily shop the main Halpern collection.

What inspired the collection?

We really wanted to give the Topshop customer our core essence – the glamour of the 1970s and those powerful women in resistance.

What can we expect from the collection?

The collection still has the ethos of what we do at Halpern and the emotive quality that we use when it comes to colour. However it also incorporates more print and a type of embroidery we wouldn’t usually use at Halpern. We’ve also used incredible stretch velvets; it’s a really an exciting collection.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

The full green stretch-velvet look that Subah is wearing in the campaign is just, quite frankly, fabulous!

Who would you like to see wearing your designs? Who is the Topshop x Halpern girl?

I would like to see a more varied woman in Halpern, someone who wouldn’t normally think to wear the brand. Topshop x Halpern will reach new customers who want to experiment in this world, with this type of sequin and cut.

Why do you think it’s important for high high-street retailers like Topshop to collaborate with emerging design talent?

It goes back to being given the opportunity to do a beautiful, really in-depth campaign and to design a collection that will be sold all over the world. It’s incredible to have been given this kind of exposure and this platform to talk about Halpern and the women we’re fans of with a global brand like Topshop.

What does it feel like joining the list of Topshop collaborators including J.W Anderson, Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders?

I think that question just goes to show the amazing level of support for British talent. It’s incredible and super-flattering that we’re able to do a collection like this only two years into the company.


Michael Halpern

Being a London-based designer, what does it mean to collaborate with a British brand?

I think it’s wonderful because Britain has such an incredible history and lineage when it comes to fashion. It’s really exciting to be part of bringing London back as a fashion capital, in a really real and central way.

What are your tips for styling the collection?

I would say the same thing I would say to a Halpern collection woman: it has to feel authentic. Of course, it’s great to push your own boundaries and maybe try things you’ve never tried before, but you still need to feel comfortable and confident. I think it’s okay to go outside of your comfort zone a little bit, but never try to dress like someone you’re not because it will never work. If the clothes help you feel more confident and ‘out there’, I think that’s the most exciting thing a designer can ever ask for.


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