What We Learned Behind The Scenes At TOPSHOP TV

As Topshop TV comes to a close, we compiled some exclusive moments that happened behind the scenes. Want to know what inspires Mimi Wade’s designs or what pieces are a must for Wonderland Editor Toni-Blaze? Keep reading below…

Editor and stylist Toni-Blaze discusses corsets, ’90’s fashion and John Galliano…

What was your inspiration behind styling the three women?

Mia was super cute, I just wanted to push her out of her comfort zone because she said she only ever wore black and I was like how is that possible?! I wanted to do something that was kind of whacky so we threw on leopard-print shoes that she wouldn’t normally go for. The main goal was to show her that you can wear a million prints and still make it look cool and sophisticated.

With Favour’s look, we wanted it to be quite androgynous. I think we got it right with the mesh tie-dye water-coloured top and the oversized check trousers.

Simone’s dilemma was that was about to turn 30 and she wanted to look her age and I was like why?! We made a double-denim look sophisticated and I think the mac really helped – no matter where you’re going a trench coat always looks smart. The vinyl element kept it fresh and it wasn’t too traditional, which brought it all together. The shoes weren’t something she would normally wear, but I think the heeled boots we chose for her, gave the right level of sophistication – cool but still kind of grungy at the same time.

What pieces do you think about first when styling a shoot?

I style editorials mainly, so I’m always obsessed with shoes. I have huge feet so I kind of always live my dreams through the shoots I do, so there has to be a thigh-high boot. A corset is necessary, too – some sort of lingerie moment. I love the fantasy of fashion so when I do style stuff, whether it’s with a client or a magazine, I like to bring the fantasy in. I want people to either love or hate my images – I like to evoke some sort of emotion or opinion. I’m always looking for things that are otherworldly.

What does a Toni-Blaze mood board look like?

I have this massive John Galliano book which I keep near my desk. I love him so much so I’m always looking at old Dior shows, thinking ‘what would John do?’ I just went to the Dior exhibition at the V&A exhibition and they had all these really amazing pieces from Galliano’s time at Dior and it was incredible! I honestly wanted to cry.

I love print. Leopard print, snakeskin, neon… sign me up! Prints to me are like colours, I just love them. I feel like I’m a super colourful person. Day-to-day I do love black but with my mood boards I feel like you can be really extra and over the top.

What Mimi Wade and Zaina Miuccia taught us about beauty, Hollywood relations and Roald Dahl…

How would you describe your everyday makeup routine?

Mimi: The products that I couldn’t live without every day are lipliner and eyeliner. Everything else is not quite as important, but I like doing a cat eye or overdrawn lip for quite a ‘90’s look.

Zaina:  I went to this skin doctor in Kensington and I don’t feel like I have to do much now. I had a facial scrub and I got the entire skin care range which is like 20 different products and she deals with black skin specifically. After the scrub I had this glow. I usually put on mascara and lipliner. Now that my brows are blonde, it looks a bit much with a lipliner so I don’t do it all the time. That’s it really! I use a simple soap for my face. I do like to use a bit of blusher.

What does beauty look like to you?

Mimi: I was reading this Roald Dahl quote from The Twits and, to paraphrase, it was about how with people with ugly thoughts, you can see it on their faces, while even if you have a wonky nose or crooked teeth but you have good thoughts, it shines out of you like sunbeams. I know that sounds super corny, but I do believe that to a certain extent. I do think that there is a fine line between vanity and beauty, when there is nothing between the eye it becomes quite narrow and limiting. I think beauty is best when it’s a combination of something nice to look at and something more.

Zaina: I would define it as someone that feels confident, who feels like their looks are more than okay. I would definitely say that beauty is someone who is happy with what they were given and someone who doesn’t allow their confidence to be taken away by anyone else.

Mimi, what inspires your designs and how you decide on beauty looks each season for your presentations?

There’s one thing of wanting to make your girls look like an army, but then of course everyone’s faces are individual and so I like to do something that’s in between the two. A makeup look slightly tailored to suit every girl’s face but also a thread that runs continuously through so they all look like friends and have a similar look.

Design-wise, a lot of it has to do with old cinema. I’m inspired by all sorts, vintage clothing and my Grandma who was a Hollywood actress back in the day.

Mowalola and Daisy Maybe talk leather and sunglasses all season…

What made you select the pieces you did for each other?

Mowalola: I like leather and she knows this!

Daisy: Yeah, as soon as I saw the leather shirt, I knew that Mowa was having that and the fit was cool. I think all-leather encapsulates her.

Mowalola: I love colour and print but not really on me. I kind of just enjoy more subtle craziness, but for Daisy I know she loves printed styles and being the centre of attention!

What would you say is the most worn piece in your wardrobe?

Daisy: I cannot not wear sunglasses, I have to have them on all the time! Day or night it doesn’t matter. If it’s dark, I’ll maybe go for coloured lenses, but I just love sunglasses.

Mowalola: Agree, she has an unlimited number of sunglasses, she’ll leave like 20 at my house and still come to mine with a pair of sunglasses. For me, it’s not a piece of clothing that I over-wear but a lip gloss for my eyes and lids.

What was your favourite item chosen by each other?

Daisy: I really liked the jumper, but the trousers I enjoyed because they has a light cotton texture.

Mowalola: I really love that shirt, I’m trying to take it home!


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