Get To Know The Singer You Will Be Listening To In 2019

Don’t know Laurel yet? We’re predicting big things for her this year. The London-based singer writes her own songs, recently published her own book and is a true style inspiration to boot. We sat down with her to talk about career highlights, what’s to come and her fashion icons…

How would you describe your music in three words?

Fizzy, flippy and floppy.


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Which song of yours should people listen to first?

‘Life worth living’.

How did you first get into music?

I’ve always written music since I was young. I don’t really remember getting into it, it’s just always been what I’ve done and wanted to do.

How important are your lyrics to you?

Very. They need to feel personal to my life or it doesn’t feel right singing them.


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Where do you find inspiration for your music and lyrics?

Life events. Things I see, hear or read. Everything usually relates back to something going on in my life at the time though.

How did you get the idea to publish a book?

I was journalling again (I have since I was a child). I usually do this when I get episodes of insomnia or anxiety. My life was quite up in the air and where I’d usually put these feelings into music, the stress of completing my album had made music periodically less of a safe harbour for expression and creativity, so I turned my energy to writing for a while. I quickly realised my journals were being written with someone in mind to read them. I decided it would be lovely for those who enjoy my music to know where the songs are coming from.


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What was the best part of your recent European tour?

Getting home and making some toast in my toaster! Not really, although it did really make me appreciate my home comforts when I got back. I played the Dome which is a big highlight for me. I’ve wanted to play here for a while and its awfully big in that room when its your first time and it’s full up.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Every day really. Life just gets better. I feel lucky to be able to live as a musician and that ultimately my everyday schedule is up to me.

What are your plans for 2019?

I have a lot of touring and shows coming up. I’m about to tour with KT Tunstall. In May I’m off to New Zealand and Australia for my debut shows there. I’m getting some new music ready too, but mostly just enjoying the sun in the summer which I have been missing in these winter months.

How would you describe your style?

My fashion style is based entirely on Blair Waldorf. Queen B forever!


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Does your style change when you go on stage?

Not really except that you have to be stage conscious. Once I wore a top lined with tassels under the arms. I got totally stuck in my guitar on both sides and couldn’t untangle!

Which artists are on your playlist right now?

Cocteau Twins, Saâda Bonaire & Julia Holter

What advice would you give young girls wanting to make it in the music industry?

Make art every day. Art that you’re proud of. Do not rush it but know it will never be perfect. Work really hard and be proactive. Nothing ever lands in your lap, you have to always be looking for opportunity. Lastly watch your back, you have to learn to look out for yourself and grow out of naivety else people will take advantage of your good will. Everybody is ultimately looking out for themselves.