Meet The London Based Singer Making R’n’B Exciting Again

Fresh from the release of her latest EP ‘GrreyDaze’ we’re in the midst of a pretty exciting time for soulful, South-London singer JGrrey. Following the success of her Colours session and heartfelt single Growing last year, it’s safe to say the future is bright for the young musician. We caught up with the singer ahead of her first sold-out London show at Hackney Social Club tomorrow night to discuss her musical inspirations, obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race and wearing pyjamas outdoors…

When did you realise singing was more than just a hobby?

To be honest it was genuinely after the Colours session I did in Berlin, because I think the reaction that I got made me look at myself as more of an artist. Before I was making music just as a hobby. After I did the session, people were referring to me as a singer and I started to see myself as one too.

What was the process behind making your EP ‘GrreyDaze’?

I don’t think it was just one process, It was a mix of so many writing sessions at home or collaborating with different people. For me, the whole thing was very organic. I literally had worked on these songs and thought I can put them all together and release them as one, so I did.

How would you say your sound has developed in comparison to your previous singles like Growing?

I think Growing was a down-tempo, soulful song and the process behind it felt like I was writing to the music first. With my EP a lot of the songs existed before. I wrote Feelings years ago. And so all the songs of off my EP were for fun and happened naturally.

What songs from your EP are you looking forward to performing live the most?

Probably God’s House and Notice, but Pretty Insane is always a particularly fun one to do!

 What was your favourite part about growing up in South London?

It was weird because I stayed in different foster homes so I was never in one part of South London or in any school for long. Growing up there made me able to adapt to new situations, people and schools. I think that helps with my music because I can go into a session with someone I’ve never worked with before or work on a new sound and quickly adapt.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

There’s so many different people and many things that inspire me. My mother is of course definitely up there.

How would you describe your style?

Laid back. I used to care a lot about what I wore when I was about 18, but I think now I just like being comfortable. I genuinely almost left the house with my pyjama bottoms on today and had to say to myself, you can’t wear them out!

If you could swap bodies with someone for the day who would it be?

Probably Yebba Smith. I just want to know how she sings the way she does! To be able to do those vocal runs even for one day, I’d be good.

What can fans coming to your headline show on Wednesday look forward to?

I’m not out at events a lot, so I think they just get to meet me and see who I am as a person. You’ll see how I perform with my band, just the whole experience will be really great for everyone. It’s my first headline show, so I’m really excited which is weird because I’m normally a nervous mess!

What Is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Probably watching WWE, but that’s not even a guilty pleasure, I’m proud of it! It’s probably watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for hours! I fell asleep to it yesterday, it’s getting ridiculous.

What’s next for JGrrey?

More music, live shows and I want to work on my visuals. The Notice video is coming out this week, so just more creativity!

JGrrey’s latest EP GrreyDaze is out now.