We Asked An Expert For Some Skincare Tips You Will Love

We all know winter can be harsh on your skin, and with spring fast approaching now is the time to get it ready for a change of weather. We spoke to the founders of Wake Skincare, the makers of Amazon’s best selling eye gel, to ask them about their secrets, tips and making a change…

How did Wake come to life as a brand?

Wake Skincare is a start-up business on a mission, to create products designed for ‘generation connected’. A brand born out of the frustrations of being glued to screens, working long hours and always being switched on. Friends and family were forever complaining about dark circles, bags and lacklustre skin. We wanted to solve this problem whilst also looking to contribute towards larger causes.

What is the meaning of the brand’s name?

The name was derived from the very essence of our brand. We woke up to the needs to our generation. We are more than just a consumer brand, we are a lifestyle brand. Wake is independent and connected to our audience unlike many of the larger skincare brands.
We are awake to issues facing those who are part of generation connected. By being part of our brand you identify as someone who shares our values of being environmentally conscious and promoting positivity in society. We reflect these values through our advertising and products. We don’t use photoshop for our models and take great care in reducing our carbon footprint.

Why is it so important to take care of your skin?

Your skin protects you from the outside world (infections and other illnesses)! It is so important that you maintain it’s condition as best you can. When skin becomes dry or irritated, it can often signal that your skin is nowhere near its optimum condition. This is often easily prevented by a simple and hygienic skincare routine. As we like to take a look at the bigger picture, we also share articles about health and fitness that should complement healthy skin.

What is a common skincare mistake that could easily be avoided?

A really common mistake that we see time and time again is forgetting to take your makeup off before going to the gym. This does come down to laziness most of the time (and forgetfulness the rest!). Anyway, sweat and makeup makes a really nasty combination that is really good at clogging up your pores. So please save yourself from the breakout and just take it off before you start your work out!


Talk us through Wake’s best selling eye gel, what makes it so special?

Where to begin!? Our gel sets itself apart from the competition because it is both lightweight and effective. Most gels have to sacrifice one for the other but we have got it just right. We dislike thick and gooey gels, we wanted our gel to glide across the face and sink smoothly into the skin. At the same time it was vital that it was more effective than other gels out there. Our gel is packed with antioxidants and vitamins in order to both smooth and soothe the skin around your eyes.

What is a skincare tip you’d recommend everyone doing in addition to using Wake eye gel?

In addition to using our gel, we recommend taking care about when you moisturise. Not just moisturising for the sake of it. In order to guarantee the best results, it is important to moisturise your skin when it is damp, not when wet or dry. It is true that finding the sweet-spot might take a little time but once you find it you’ll know! It might be worth mentioning that we may have something in the pipeline that could help with this. We won’t say anymore but we recommend keeping an eye out on our website & social media over the next month or two :)

What do you see as the biggest skincare trends right now?

Less is more. It seems as though the days of more and more products and makeup to achieve skincare goals are no more. Clear skin is in. This is clear to see on social media and is a great sign! By stripping back and using simple products that you trust, you can look radiant and feel confident in yourself.

Why did you choose to go natural and reduce your use of plastic?

We decided to move away from plastic bottles in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Producing a plastic container rather than the equivalent sized glass container uses far more water and produces far more greenhouse gas emissions! Furthermore, all our suppliers are UK based which dramatically reduces pollution along the supply chain.
We truly feel as though people are actively trying to make the shift away from plastic but they are not being offered enough alternatives. Wake is trying to lead the way here!

Can you explain your slogan “Wake skincare is the antidote to a generation connected”?

Today people are connected like never before. Through social media we can watch the lives of people unfolding all over the world. This has led to opportunities, careers and relationships that would not have been possible before the connected generation.
At the same time, this global network means that we experience a completely new set of pressures. We are being fed photoshopped images, lavish lifestyles and we seem to constantly be switched on. Sometimes, it is important to give yourself a break. This lifestyle can make you feel as though you are not good enough. Wake Skincare was created with the goal of being an antidote to these problems. By being part of our brand you identify yourself as someone who doesn’t fall into the traps of the connected generation. You would rather promote positivity than negativity in your own personal network. You show authenticity rather than promoting a false lifestyle. We want our products to help inspire confidence in their users. We don’t want you to use our products out of shame or guilt, but use our products because you love the way they make you feel!

Can you talk us through your partnership with Women’s Aid?

For every product sold, a donation will be made to help victims of domestic violence. We are pleased to say that we donate 5% of our net profits to Women’s Aid and partake in regular charity events. Giving back is at the heart of what we do. Women’s Aid have been helping victims of domestic abuse for over 40 years. Our goal is to help Women’s Aid to build a society in which domestic abuse is no longer tolerated. As part of generation connected, we always need to make sure that our society is a place for everyone to feel safe. We sponsored this week’s event for International Women’s Day that was hosted by Mel B and Julie Walters who are patrons of Women’s Aid. So they will have gone home with their eye gels in their goodie bags!