The Summer Special Occasions Etiquette Inspired By Your Favourite Movies

With summer just around the corner (hopefully), the RSVP notes for this year’s weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions are most likely already flooding in. Not sure how to tackle all the different events this season and what to wear? We looked back at some of our favourite movies to learn some important lessons…

1. Weddings – Mamma Mia

What to do: Be spontaneous. You could always jump in if the bride gets cold feet…

What not to do: Stick to traditions if they feel out of place – there’s no reason the mum can’t walk the bride down the aisle.

What to wear: Something that pays tribute to the location or venue, for example an empire dress if you’re on a Greek island.

2. The races or polo – Pretty Woman 

What to do: Take someone unexpected as your date. You never know where it might lead…

What not to do: Let yourself be schmoozed by rude attorneys or reveal your friend’s secrets.

What to wear: A hat that matches your dress of course.

3. Garden parties – The Princess Diaries 2 

What to do: Pick a music act all your friends will enjoy.

What not to do: Kiss someone in close proximity of a water fountain.

What to wear: Shoes that work on grass.

4. Hen Do – Something Borrowed 

What to do: Whatever the bride feels like, even if that ends up being a spontaneous sleepover.

What not to do: Let a guy come between you and your best friend.

What to wear: Anything twinning with your friend.

5. Birthday parties – Because I Said So 

What to do: Perform the birthday girl’s favourite song a capella as a surprise.

What not to do: Wear a dress balloons will stick to…

What to wear: Something that matches your friends (and potentially the birthday cake), but still showcases your own style.