The Only Venice Guide You’ll Need This Summer

Who hasn’t dreamt of escaping to the romantic city of Venice at least once in their life? There’s definitely more than just one reason why the city also is referred to as ‘La Serenissima’, which translates to ‘the most serene’: from mythic bridges and churches to the iconic Grand Canal. Keep scrolling to discover five essential things to do in Venice…

1. A gondola ride on the Grand Canal


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A gondola ride is a tourist trap worth falling for – after all, did you really visit Venice if you didn’t row along the canal and had a gondoliere serenade you with Italian ballads? Make it even more memorable by going at sunset.

2. An afternoon treat at Caffè Florian


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The stunning Caffè Florian, located on the iconic St Mark’s Square, is considered the oldest café in Europe! Featuring gilded rococo rooms and red velvet chairs, the spot is famous for its dark hot chocolate with whipped cream. An expensive treat, but ever so worth it…

3. An excursion to Burano island


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The colourful streets of Burano, a Venetian island you can only access by water boat, make for the perfect Instagram photo backdrop. Plus it’s a working fisherman’s island, which means you’ll get to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood for half the price of what it would cost you in the city centre.

4. Dinner at Osteria Bancogiro


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Osteria Bancogiro is a restaurant located in the heart of ancient Venice. Enjoy a range of tasty dishes that are cooked depending on seasonal product the nearby Rialto market has to offer, a glass of the classic Venetian aperitif Spritz and a beautiful view of the Grand Canal all at once.

5. Complete the day at the Ponte Rialto 


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The Rialto Bridge is an elegant, arched stone bridge lined with arcades on each side and features wide stairs that rise from either side of the bridge. Browse the local shops beneath the arcades and or head up for a stunning view of the Grand Canal.