3 Expert Tips On How To Maintain Perfect Hair All Summer Long

Sun exposure and humidity can make summer quite a challenging time for your hair and leave it feeling dry and frizzy. Want your hair to look healthy and be perfectly styled all summer long? We asked the experts at Blue Tit to give us three vital tips on how to achieve perfect summer hair with ease. Keep reading and book an appointment at Blue Tit in Topshop Oxford Circus to get even more help…

1. Colour trend 

‘Foliage is a new hair trend right now. Hair is highlighted and tips are painted freehand, then covered in foils. This gives maximum lift as the foils create more heat and a faster reaction than when the hair is just out in the open. The colouring process can take about 3-4 hours and you might need more than just one session to get the result you’re hoping for, depending on your natural hair colour and condition of your hair. Moisture and rebuilding treatments are great to keep it up too!’ – Hannah Button, Assistant Manager at Blue Tit Topshop

2. Styling

‘Did you know you can create beach waves with your hair straighteners? Prep wet hair with Oway silk and glow serum and fully dry your hair. Then take roughly 3 cm sections of your hair, bend them in to an “S” shape and lightly tap your straighteners over the curved piece of hair. The heat will seal the bend in the hair, there’s no need to clamp the straighteners so it’s very gentle on the hair. Continue this technique around your head until all of your hair is waved, spritz with a little Oway sea salt spray and use your hands to scrunch and break up the waves for a more textured look.’ – Charlotte Brady, Blue Tit Dalston

3. Haircare 

‘Don’t just protect your skin from the sun, your hair needs love too. UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged and frizzy, so it’s very important to use heat protection sprays everyday, just as you do with your day face cream or sun cream. The best way to protect your hair from the summer heat is to use biodynamic products which include ingredients such as green anise, organic baobab oil, passion fruit oil, etc. Some suggestions are the sun protective elixir, after sun hair and body bath, and after-sun hair mask by Oway.’ – John Manolakis, assistant manager at Blue Tit East Village