Wellbeing Wednesdays: Rediscover What Really Matters To You

This is Wellbeing Wednesdays: a recurring series that will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s tackling mental health issues, focussing on your career, nurturing your relationships, health or self-development. In each part of the series, we introduce you to a book we believe will make you feel good from the inside out.

Taking the time to pause and pay attention to what’s truly important has never been as vital as today when our lives are in constant tether to phones, email and social media. In this age of distraction, we often loose the ability to experience, be present in the moment, think, see and listen carefully. If you’re aiming for a more interesting and creative life, the first thing to do is to start paying better attention to it…

In The Art of Noticing, Rob Walker explains how to focus on the here and now by providing an essential guide to becoming an explorer of your everyday world. Through a series of simple and playful exercises Walker maps ways for you to become:

– A clearer thinker

– A better listener

– A more creative workplace colleague

– And to rediscover your sense of passion and to notice what really matters to you

“Let’s stop trying to be so productive all the time and make an effort to be more curious.”

Read The Art of Noticing if you want to find true meaning and calm in the chaos but don’t really know how. You will be impressed by how easy it is to improve your focus and productivity, get curious, inspire your creativity and discover a more mindful, joyful approach to life…