How To Do Summer Dressing If You Only Wear Black

If your go-to outfit is usually all-black-everything, listen up: contrary to popular belief, black clothes aren’t really just for winter. Not sure how to make your favourite non-colour feel fresh when it gets hot? We came up with some very handy styling-hacks so you can stay true to your style, whatever the season…

1. Mix textures and fabrics

An easy trick to make an all-black look feel more exciting is mixing different fabrics and textures. In the summertime we recommend breezy linen paired with essential straw accessories or lightweight denim.

2. Play with accessories

If you’ve been thinking about introducing just a little bit more colour to your look, start by adding some fun accessories. We love this pink dinosaur pin badge, shell earrings, hair clips or boxy mini bags. These subtle details will make all the difference.

3. Embrace different silhouettes

Experiment with new silhouettes to add interest to your tonal outfit. How about styling a one-shoulder top with a pair of wide pleated trousers? Then finish your look with a layered necklace, trending bucket bag and toe-loop mules.