Wellbeing Wednesdays: Learn How To Use The Internet Like A Pro

This is Wellbeing Wednesdays: a recurring series that will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s tackling mental health issues, focussing on your career, nurturing your relationships, health or self-development. In each part of the series, we introduce you to a book we believe will make you feel good from the inside out.

It’s no secret that social media can be toxic to our wellbeing, and yet most of us are online more often than not. Ever encountered the surreal battlefields of digital life and wondered why we don’t all just go analogue? Then read on…

We all spend so much time online that our digital worlds are affecting our emotions and health. If we can learn to navigate the internet a little more courteously, this will reflect back on our general happiness and wellbeing. The book Digital Etiquette by the leading tech and digital culture senior editor at WIRED, Victoria Turk, is a guide to minding our manners on the Internet.



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“This book sets out to illuminate digital etiquette across the four major spheres of everyday life: work, romance, friendship and community. As well as offering practical advice, it reflects on some of the quirks of modern digital culture, and the behaviours we have developed to navigate these treacherous times.”

“While we are all more connected and all it takes is a few clicks, taps and swipes to reach each other, it’s important to remember that familiarity breeds contempt. We’re more likely than ever to fall in love online, yet also more likely to get into a blazing row with a stranger.”

Reading Digital Etiquette will help you find your best manners online which results in navigating weird emails, conversations with strangers and the use of emojis like a pro…