7 Of Our Favourite All-In-Ones Ever

It might have been created as a practical workwear staple, but the all-in-one has since blossomed into a bona-fide wardrobe hero. Why, you ask? It’s got the ease of a dress, the comfort of a pair of trousers and it reinvents itself each decade (this season, it’s all about the boiler suit). From structured utility styles to sparkly numbers fit for the red carpet, we’ve rounded up seven of our all-time favourites…

1. 1960

Previously the preserve of factory workers, the 1960s brought us the ultra-chic all-in-one, complete with cute pocket details, flattering straight leg shapes and preppy collar designs. And just like that, our love-affair with the one-piece began.

2. 1970

Look familiar? That’s because the tough materials, structured shapes and belts on these Retro one-pieces from the 1970s series Charlie’s Angels look totally in line with the utility trend we’re obsessed with at the moment. You know what they say, what goes around, comes around.

3. 1976

Later in the decade, the jumpsuit took a turn for the romantic favouring palazzo or balloon shaped trousers. With this party outfit, it’s all about the accessories – the shimmering metallic heels and waist-clinching rope belt bring this breezy one-piece to life.

4, 1980

In the ’80s, the all-in-one became classic disco attire for the likes of Diana Ross, Cher and Bianca Jagger. Here, Jagger sports a one-piece in shimmering lamé (the go-to material of the decade) with a matching puffed-sleeved bomber. It doesn’t get more ’80s than that!

5. 1995

Calling all ’90s kids! From the Olsen twins to Destiny’s Child, the Chinese-inspired fashion trend was a hit with all our favourite ’90s icons. Christina Ricci coordinates her floral boiler suit with a satin bag in the same print and colour-pop trainers.

6. 2000

It’s effortless, fun and allows for full movement – no wonder the all-in-one became an on-stage hit by the ’00s. This roundup wouldn’t be complete without calling out one of Mel B’s animal print looks from the Spice Girls tour.

7. 2017

Second-skin, sheer outfits have become a popular red carpet choice amongst that set of present-day it girls (Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski – we’re looking at you!). And there’s no denying it, this jumpsuit take on the trend by Bella Hadid for the 2017 Met Gala was major.