Get To Know The Book That Will Help You To Stress Less

No matter what your job is – we’ve all experienced how high the impact of a stressful day at work can be for our general wellbeing. However, there’s definitely a difference between having the occasional stressful day and constantly feeling pressured by your day-to-day. If work-related stress and anxiety have taken over your life, it’s about time to take control over feeling happy in all areas of your life again…

The Smarts. Big Little Hacks to Take you a Long Way at Work by Saj Jetha helps you to unlock your talent while facing a new job, a new role, or a new challenge. Written by economist and founder of multi-award-winning talent agency The Smarty Train, Saj Jetha, this career guide covers everything from the basic (nailing first impressions) to the profound (getting to know how your brain works).

Learn eight hacks that will have you doing, thinking and feeling in the smartest way possible:

  1. Nail first impressions
  2. Master keys to communicating
  3. Work well with others
  4. Become an expert in how you work
  5. Have some special tools in your box
  6. Be a productivity monster
  7. Know how your brain works
  8. Always be growing



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“Whether you’re an intern, are moving to the next challenge in your career, or are the CEO, The Smarts offers indispensable advice that’s all about unlocking your talent and gaining a professional edge in the new working world. You will be feeling confident and satisfied in your work before you know it!”

Get The Smarts. Big Little Hacks to Take you a Long Way at Work if you want to learn how to work smarter, not harder.