5 Fun DIY Ideas You Will Actually Want To Try

It’s DIY Week right now, and we’re ready to take full advantage of this holiday to tackle our current mid-September slump. Forget friendship bracelets and paper chandeliers, we’ve rounded up our favourite DIY ideas you will actually want to try and the Instagram pages to give you all the best inspiration to make it work. From homemade face masks to bullet journaling – we’re going for a more sophisticated approach to DIY, with zero requirement of a Pinterest mum’s craft box…

1. Home decor – @abeautifulmess

Switching up your environment can often be the ticket to boosting your mood and feeling refreshed. However, going out and purchasing lots of new home decor can also put a dent in your wallet – which is where DIY experts Elsie and Emma come in. Their blog, A Beautiful Mess, covers everything from macrame to turning vases into soap dispensers. Get ready to transform your home into a blogger’s paradise on a budget.

2. Tie-dye – @barcelonatiedye

Tie-dye is no longer a festival exclusive, as we’re seeing the trend everywhere from the runway to the high-street. Make your ode to the trend a bespoke one by transforming your old T-shirts into statement pieces no one else will have. The Barcelona tie-dye Instagram page is a go-to spot for classic and unique designs and if you head over to their IGTV, you’ll find some great step-by-step tutorials.

3. Bullet journaling – @plansthatblossom

With the dawning changing of seasons, we’re getting the itch to get organised again. After all, who says you can’t ace all your resolutions in the last few months of a year? Bullet journaling isn’t just super therapeutic, it’s also the best way to create your own curated planner featuring anything you might need: think classic to-do lists, summer bucket lists or just random doodle pages. It’s a massive trend on Instagram right now, so you’ll find inspiration that suits you and your planning needs aplenty right there…

4. Face masks – @voguebeauty

Sustainable beauty is on the rise and has us constantly hunting for natural ingredients in our skincare products. But we’ve discovered that it’s a lot easier than that: you can easily make your own face masks from things already in your kitchen cupboard. Vogue‘s beauty Instagram page sees supermodels and film-stars like Priyanka Chopra and Kourtney Kardashian sharing their favourite DIY skin treatments. Whether it’s acne or ageing, honey, apple-cider vinegar and yoghurt are just a few of the many household items that can do wonders for your complexion.

5. Flower arrangements – @studiochoo

Everyone loves receiving flowers and when it feels like someone’s getting engaged, pregnant or promoted every other week, buying a supermarket bunch can get repetitive (and expensive). Making your own bouquets will assure you’re giving someone a completely personalised gift and you can use your new skill to add a seasonal touch to your own home. There are so many florist Instagram accounts we could share with you for inspiration, but we think @studiochoo is guaranteed to help you win favourite child on Mother’s Day every year.