The Easiest Way To Transition To A Plant Based Diet If You’re Too Busy Or Can’t Cook

Transitioning to a plant based diet is becoming more and more popular, promising not only to be the healthiest diet out there but also the best thing you can do for our planet and environment right now. Plus it’s never been easier to give it a go, with vegan dishes and products available pretty much everywhere. Not sure how to introduce it to your meals at home? Allplants is here to help. Their delicious and healthy dishes can be delivered straight to your doorstep, are kept frozen and can be enjoyed whenever suits you. Want to find out more? We asked Florence Cornish, the Development Chef at allplants, to talk us through how it works…

What is the idea behind allplants?

We make delicious chef-made meals from plants and deliver them to homes across the country. From day one, we set out to make it irresistibly easy and delicious for people to switch up their diets toward planet-positive living, with minimal effort and zero compromise. And most importantly show off how tasty plants are!

How do the meals get created?

Each of our meals are chef-prepared on site at our home in North London. Fresh veggies get delivered daily (a lot of them), and our chefs work hard to craft flavours we all know and love. So much love and care goes into developing new dishes, so we’re only serving
up the best plant-powered dishes we can. There’s nothing artificial or unnatural in our meals at all – we use only the ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen at home…we just do the hard work for you!

What can everyone do to transition to a more plant-based diet?

Moving towards a more plant-based diet is exactly right. Cutting out all dairy, eggs or meat ‘cold turkey’ (no pun intended) can seem daunting and, frankly, too difficult to achieve for many people. It’s all about making small changes that are not only realistic but also appealing. Re-frame how you think of ingredients. Try using maple syrup rather than honey. Try using olive oil rather than butter. Try it with mushrooms rather than chicken. Small, incremental changes that get you closer to eating a little bit better. A lot of foods are what I call ‘accidentally vegan’ – plant-based without even really intending to be. For example, most dried pastas are semolina based and therefore plant-based friendly. And the best thing is that a LOT of biscuits are plant-based too (like Oreos!). So you might be closer to eating plant-based than you think…

Which meal is the most popular?

Our pasta dishes always clean up – Rigatoni Carbonara, Bolognese and Lasagne Noci. They are delicious, wholesome, rich and packed with SO much flavour. I also personally love our new BBQ Burrito Bowl. It has a tofu ‘queso fresco’ topping which is so moreish.

How do you work to fight food waste?

Food waste is a really hot topic in the food industry at the moment – and rightly so. It’s right at the top of our priority list and something we’re constantly looking to improve. We
do our very best to stick to a ‘zero-waste kitchen policy’ – our procurement team have mastered only ordering what we need, we’ve partnered with local charity donation schemes, and any leftover ingredients are made into delicious staff lunches (such a perk!).