5 Things That Take Just 5 Minutes But Will Help You Get Your Life Together

If you think getting your life together means being up at 5am to meditate, having a green juice before cycling to work, then maybe squeezing a pilates class into your lunch break and completing the day journaling about what you’re grateful for in your sustainable bed sheets – think again. We’ve decided it’s much simpler than that. Keep reading to discover five realistic things you can introduce to your daily routine that only take five minutes, but are going to help you on your quest of getting your life together…

1. Write a list
There’s always a million and one things to do and even though you think your brain will remember them all – reality is, it probably won’t. At the beginning of your working day, or as soon as you wake up, write down everything you need to do that day. We think it’s fun to even write down really mundane things like showering and making your bed because it makes you feel super productive when you get to tick them off. This way you’re so much more organised, your mind is a lot clearer and it’s an excuse to get a cute notebook.

2. Make your bed
As if getting out of bed isn’t hard enough already, we’re going to suggest setting that alarm five minutes earlier than you usually would (sorry). But there’s tons of scientific evidence that making your bed in the morning makes you a better person all around: it makes you more productive, tidier and, according to author Randall Bell, you’re 206.8% more likely to become a millionaire – which is more than enough to persuade us. But most of all, is there anything better than coming home to a made bed? We think not.

3. Make that phone call
With a plethora of instant messaging options available, phone calls are becoming less and less appealing. But making an effort to check in on a friend, catch up with your mum or book that dentist appointment can take just five minutes and will be all the more beneficial. Aside from all the boring admin calls, which are super important – a quick chat is a great way to boost your mood and keep in touch with those that mean the most to you.

4. Read an article
The excuse of ‘I don’t have time’ to read is one all of us have used at some point. So, whilst you might not be able to fit in a few chapters of Pride and Prejudice before bed, why not try an article instead? You’ll probably be scrolling through your phone at this point anyway, so instead of reading scrolling through your feed for the millionth time opt for news articles that will teach you something new. This way, you’re all up to date on important current affairs and set to impress your friends with some useful facts.

5. Stretch
We’ve already suggested waking up five minutes earlier to make your bed, so we won’t push it. Try stretching before going to sleep instead! Stretching is just as important for those who are sat at a desk all day as it is for all you gym bunnies out there. It’s a great way of unwinding at night, improving your posture and helping muscle pain. It’s a win win.