7 Of The Best TV Shows Inspired By Real Life Events

If you’ve never heard of these TV shows, it’s about time you added them to your must-see list. We all know life writes the best stories, and these are no exception: expect everything from heartbreak and anger to scenes that will make you cry or completely shock you. So we collated seven of our favourite series inspired by real life that are guaranteed to amaze you…

1. When They See Us

When They See Us is an American drama based on a real and truly heartbreaking miscarriage of justice. Thirty years ago, five kids were accused of raping and assaulting a young female jogger in New York’s Central Park. Over the course of four episodes, we see how these kids’ lives were been completely destroyed by the wrongdoings of the system…

2. The Act

This story is so shocking you’ll end up hoping it wasn’t a true story. It follows overprotective mother Dee Dee Blanchard who abuses her daughter Gypsy by fabricating illness and disabilities in order to gain attention and compassion. When Gypsy discovers what’s been going on all her life, everything starts falling apart and she begins to plan how to free herself from her mother’s grip…

3. Fosse/Verdon

Romantic, creative and heartbreaking, Fosse/Verdon (which was nominated for six Emmy awards this year) is a biographical series exploring the love story between Bob Fosse, a director choreographer and Gwen Verdon, the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. Told in eight episodes, this story sheds some light on the darker days of their successful careers and their tumultuous marriage.

4. Narcos

This isn’t just your average Pablo Escobar biopic – Narcos goes a lot deeper by showcasing the fierce fight of the United States and Columbia against the drug cartel of Medellin, the most lucrative and ruthless organisation in criminal history. Over the course of three seasons, you will get to see the magnitude of cocaine and the bloody fight between the drug traffickers.

5. Victoria

Queen Victoria leads her role as sovereign, wife and mother but she feels locked up by the pressure of the rules and protocol she has to follow and is slowly falling into depression. Her minister and her husband try to take over the reigns of the country and remove her from gaining power. This series proves that a queen’s life isn’t always what we like to imagine it as…

6. Chernobyl

On 26th April 1986, the world came to face the worst nuclear disaster in history. In this show inspired by the tragic event, we get to witness just how much the explosion of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl’s Nuclear Power Plant affected the plant personnel, as well as the rescue teams, population and environment. Tune in to find out more about the immense sacrifices made to save the world from the tragedy.

7. American Crime Story

From OJ Simpson’s infamous murder trial to the assassination of Gianni Versace, Ryan Murphy’s hit anthology series American Crime Story depicts some the most notorious criminal prosecutions and trials in American history. It’s seriously binge-worthy to say the least.