7 Things Every Fashion Girl Needs To Watch On Netflix

Now that it’s getting colder, nights in of nothing but Netflix are becoming the new norm for all foreseeable Fridays. Now we’re sure you’ve already binge-watched Unbelievable and you’re all up to date on Stranger Things but if fashion is your thing we’ve rounded up the must-see documentaries, films and TV series that you need to watch. From moving biographies on the top designers to light-hearted episodes on Manhattan’s elite, lust over the nicest of clothes and the most inspiring of stories with our pick of the best fashion watches on Netflix

1. McQueen (2018)
Alexander McQueen expressed talent of the most remarkable form in his career as a world-shattering fashion designer. From starting off as a tailor on Saville Row after dropping out of school to becoming the must-see show every fashion week – McQueen changed the world of fashion and will forever hold an incomparable legacy. This raw documentary looks to the heartbreaking life and extraordinary work of the designer and how his anti-establishment ways marked him as one of the industry’s most brilliant creative geniuses.

2. Sex and the City: The Movie (2008)
Perhaps a lighter watch, Sex and the City: The Movie is a classic that can be watched over and over again. If you’ve never seen the series – first of all we’re shocked and disappointed – but don’t worry, as the film has an individual storyline that you can watch with no background knowledge on the show. To cut a six-season long story short, the film follows the lives of four best friends in New York centring around love, friendship and, of course, lots of clothes.

3. Girl Boss (2017)
This short-lived series loosely follows the story of Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amaruso, inspired by the best-selling book under the same title. Although perhaps not the most life-changing of series, the admirable true story is pretty inspiring and sure to get you selling all your old clothes on eBay with the hopes of turning it into a million-dollar business. We’re listing this as a great option to fill your lazy Sunday afternoons.

4. Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards (2017)
Manolo Blahnik is the man behind some of the most famous shoes in the fashion industry, and a favourite of Anna Wintour, Carrie Bradshaw and Meghan Markle. In this documentary he lets us into his world, following his life as one of the most influential men in fashion. The charming film portraits how the boy who made shoes out of tin-foil for the lizards in his parents’ garden became the man behind the coveted Manolos every fashion lover dreams of getting their hands on.

5. Gossip Girl (2007)
We’re sure most of you have watched this the whole way through a minimum of three times but Gossip Girl will always reign supreme as the ultimate ‘teen drama’. And with the likes of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf as the stars of the show, the fashion inspo is endless. Not to mention the abundance of fashion-focused storylines, following budding designer Jenny Humphries and Dan and Blair on their quest to be the best in their internship at magazine.

6. Clueless (1995)
Although this isn’t a film directly on fashion, Clueless features some of the most iconic fashion moments in film ever. Cher Horowitz’ iconic yellow checked two-piece is a look we’re forever trying to emulate, and the electronic wardrobe that was way ahead of its time remains at the top of our Christmas lists forever. There’s also a whole host of the wittiest fashion quotes (‘You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa), which places this as a solid choice for all fashion fanatics.

7. Dries (2017)
Dries Van Noten is truly one of the most unique fashion designers in the industry and this documentary is a must-see if you want to take an in-depth look at his home life and process of design. Filmed over the span of a year, the film is detailed and fascinating as you to get watch four of his colour-rich collections come into fruition. If you’re planning a career in fashion design, this one’s for you.