How To Wear Skirts And Dresses In Winter If You Don’t Like Tights

Hate the idea of wearing black opaque tights with all your pretty dresses and skirts now that winter has arrived? We don’t think you have to, as there are more ways you can ditch the tights without having to go fully bare-legged than you might know. To prove it, we looked to the street style stars and figured out how they get around wearing tights when it gets colder…

1. Midi dresses + knee-high boots

If your dress ends below the knee, the easiest way to cover your legs without wearing tights is going for a pair of knee-high boots underneath. If your only issue with tights is the way they look, you could also wear them with this look and no one would ever know…

2. Maxi skirts + socks

A maxi skirt that ends just above your ankles lends itself perfectly for styling it with a cool socks and sandals combo. You might expose a tiny bit of leg to the cold, but if you go for a skirt in a thicker material it shouldn’t affect you too much.

3. Longline coats + over knee boots

Good news: you can even wear mini dresses without tights! The key here is the outer layer, so go for a longline coat that is at least knee-length and wear a pair of over the knee boots underneath. Your outfit will look cool in and outdoors, so it’s really a win win.

4. Knitted bodycon dresses + ankle boots

A skintight jumper maxi dress will keep your legs warm – no tights needed. Pair yours with a pair of ankle boots that end just at the hem of the dress, throw your cosiest coat on top and you’re good to go.

5. Mini dresses + jeans

Ever considered wearing a mini dress over a pair of jeans? You might be surprised at how good it looks! We recommend tailored blazer-style or shirt dresses with a pair of white straight leg jeans, and an oversized trench layered on top.

6. Maxi dresses + ankle boots

The coolest combination to go for this season is an oversized maxi dress worn with flat chunky ankle boots – and you won’t need a pair of tights at all. Plus, getting dressed in the AM will be super quick: just chuck the dress on, grab your boots and you’re done!

7. Asymmetric slit skirts + knee-high boots

On a sunnier winter day, you should be able to get away with having a bit of knee exposed. Pair your favourite satin slit skirt with a colour-coordinating jumper and add some knee-high boots to make sure at least most of your legs are covered.