The Make Up Look You Need To Try This Party Season Based On Your Star Sign

The event is in the diary, you’ve got your outfit sorted and you’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to show of that new pair of shoes for weeks – but what about your make up?  Whether it’s a classic red lip or a dark smokey-eye, the perfect look is the cherry on top of every party outfit. So, this season, we thought we’d look to the stars (both the astrological AND celebrity kind) for inspiration…

1. Aries – Shay Mitchell

As a fire sign ruled by planet Mars (the planet of war and aggression), Aries are known for their bold and passionate personality that loves to be in charge. Channel these vibes with your make up and go for a strong gothic look with shimmering maroon undertones like Aries star Shay Mitchell.

2. Taurus – Jessica Alba

Tauruses can do both – they can be fierce or gentle but they are always super chilled out. So, for the gentle part, opt for a light pink on your lips and a soft smokey eye.  Then take cues from Jessica Alba and add some fierce edge with bronze contouring on your cheekbones.

3. Gemini – Natalie Portman

Geminis are known for being the most fun and lively of the air signs so if you’re one of these then you must be happy it’s finally party season – Geminis LOVE to party! Keep up those youthful vibes with a poppy red lip, glowing highlighter on your cheeks and a lick of black liquid eyeliner.

4. Cancer – Selena Gomez

With the moon as their ruling planet, Cancer’s emotions tend to switch rapidly with the lunar movements. So, for your party look, go for something that will work whether you’re happy or moody: a dark yet warm red lip and subtle gold eyes should do the trick. Add eyelashes for extra wow-factor!

5. Leo – Madelaine Petsch 

Passionate, confident and bubbly show-offs – Leos love to make an entrance so make sure your makeup is stand-out this party season! Here, Leo sister Madelaine Petsch shows us how it’s done: start with a bold red lip and accentuate your lip shape with a darker lip liner. Then keep the rest classic with shimmering highlighter, eyeshadow and sleek eyeliner.

6. Virgo – Zendaya

As an earth sign, Virgos are one of the most reliable and down to earth zodiacs. They’re incredibly modest and don’t like to show off too much, so think along these lines with your party look. A classic soft smokey eye is always a nice evening choice and for your lips, go for a blush lip colour accentuated with some high-shine gloss.

7. Libra – Dakota Johnson

A dark mauve colour scheme is perfect for winter nights out because, although it’s shadowy, the pink undertones keep it from looking too gothic. But remember, Libras are all about balance so if, like Libra star Dakota Johnson, you’re going to use a bold colour in your make up, then the key is to keep it consistent and harmonious across your cheeks, lips and eyes.

8. Scorpio – Kendall Jenner

Scorpios are the most intense, dark and dangerous of all Zodiacs and nothing says dark and dangerous quite like an intense smokey eye. Take inspiration from fierce supermodel Kendall Jenner and keep all the attention on your eyes by opting heavy on eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Finish with a dark nude lip and some neutral blush.

9. Sagittarius – Gemma Chan 

Sagittarii are easy breezy beautiful, inside and out – they’ve got a reputation for being romantic idealists and glide through life feeling happy and positive. It’s an infectious personality trait so show it off with your makeup: think rosy shades of pink, warm natural blush, bright lilac eyeshadow and some highlighter on your cheeks!

10. Capricorn – Kate Bosworth 

Capricorns are a classic earth sign: they’re practical, cool and collected. So, for a nod to your zodiac roots, opt for an earthy colour palette of glowing neutrals with your make up. But since it’s party season, don’t be afraid to go all out with sparkling bronze eyes.

11. Aquarius – Kathryn Newton

Aquarians dance to their own beat – not one to follow the crowd, they’re unique, make their own rules and think outside of the box which means they’re sometimes considered a little eccentric! So, if anyone is going to rock a blue and turquoise metallic eye, it’s an Aquarian! Add some fun contrast with a coral lip and blush.

12. Pisces – Lupita Nyong’o

Pisces are ruled by planet Neptune which some have called ‘the magician of the solar system’. This planet is all about creativity, imagination and bewitchment so, if you’re a Pisces, you’re in for an incredibly fun make up idea! Get inspired by Lupita Nyong’o and go for bold OTT glittering eyes and an even bolder lip!


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