5 Ways To Be More Sustainable With Your Christmas Decorations This Year

Decorating your home is a huge part of making your home feel festive come Christmastime, but because so many traditional decorations are made from foil or single-use plastic, it can lead to a lot of consumption and non-recyclable waste. With that in mind, we had a think and came up with lots of alternative eco-friendly options that you can use to give your home a Christmas touch. So, if you want to be more sustainable this year and give a second life to things that you don’t use anymore, here are some home decor ideas to get you inspired…

1. Dried fruit garlands


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Forget the classic plastic tinsel – this year, try making your own dried fruit garland. They’re super simple and easy to make and will have also almost zero impact on the environment. Plus, you can choose from a variety of bright colourful fruits such as orange, lemon, red apple. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could even wrap some fairy lights around the garlands too!

2. Herbal winter wreaths


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There’s nothing more quintessentially Christmas than hanging a wreath on your door. Try swapping out plastic wreaths for completely natural and unique options that are infused with festive scents like cinnamon sticks, spices or rosemary.  They have a minimalist Scandi style, will work inside or outside your home and make everything smell lovely!

3. Fabric gift wrapping


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Lots of wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable since it’s covered in decorative metallic foil and plastic glitter. So, instead, opt for a fabric gift bag that can be endlessly reused and re-gifted. If you head over to a local fabric store (or just have a root around for old pieces in your wardrobe), you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of fabric, texture and prints. But if you really want to use paper, try using old maps, newspaper or brown paper – which can all be recycled – and add decorative details with fabric ribbons!

4. Rustic table setting


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Sitting around the table and enjoying a home-cooked roast dinner together has got to be one of the major highlights of Christmas Day so you’ll definitely need something for your festive table setting. Try sourcing natural pieces like pretty pinecones and spraying them with shimmering metallic paint. It’s easy, quick and a lot more affordable that buying them all at a store!

5. Hanging paper decorations


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If you like Scandi style home decor then this is the one for you. You can find beautiful paper origami star creations like these at lots of independent Christmas market stalls across the country. Alternatively, you could  use an online tutorial and make them at home yourself! They look magical when suspended over your dining table or by a window and since they’re paper, they’re recyclable too!


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