5 Wholesome Activities To Do This Weekend If You Need To Recharge

After a busy week at work, we all feel the need to recharge, be mindful and take some time to focus on ourselves. So, this weekend, make the most of your time off and plan some wholesome activities that are guaranteed to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and happy. Keep scrolling to discover five ideas won’t just make your weekend a whole lot better, but will also make sure you wake up ready to take on another week on Monday…

1. Go for a Walk


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Try reconnecting with nature by exploring your local park this weekend. If the weather is nice, go for a stroll somewhere green and you’ll probably spot some cute dogs too- that’s a win-win in our books!

2. Make some Pancakes


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Your busy schedule only allows breakfasts on-the-go? Spend some time on a Sunday morning to prepare a wholesome breakfast – whether its just for yourself or some friends, nothing says self-care like homemade pancakes. Click on the post above to see our favourite recipe (try to purée the bananas for even better results).

3. Practice Yoga

Nothing feels better than a good stretch. Whether it’s at a fancy studio or from the comfort of your own home, putting the time in to focus on yourself and moving your body will definitely pay off. You’ll feel relaxed and radiate positive energy all weekend long.

4. Play Boardgames


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If it’s cold or rainy outside, your first instinct will probably be cuddling up on the couch to watch a film. But if you’re not alone, why not break out an old board-game? Especially if you’ve been staring at a screen all week at work, this will be a welcome change.

5. Visit a Museum


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A trip to the museum is never a waste of time and a great way to broaden your horizon. Whether it’s a brand-new exhibition or one you’ve seen a few times, there’s always something new to learn. Afterwards, head to a cute café for a superfood latte to complete your perfectly wholesome weekend.


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