13 Of The Best Things We’ve Seen On The Internet This Week

Looking for some positive vibes on your social media feeds right now? From inspiring quotes to funny videos and cute puppies – if you know where to look, the internet can be a great source of things to cheer you up. So, we did the work for you and browsed all the channels to find the 13 best things you’ll see on the internet all this week. Happy scrolling!

1. Positive vibes through music

This video of Post Malone singing his top hit Congratulations with a mariachi band is giving us all the positive vibes we needed today.

2. Dancing dogs, that’s all. 

Dog owners everywhere have been posting adorable moments they shared with their pets this week – so even if you don’t have a puppy yourself you can be in on the fun online.

3. The best uplifting quote


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yeup. ❤️

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Sometimes a simple quote is all we need for a positivity boos. This one shared by @emmalouiseconnolly is simple but so perfect for the time we’re in.

4. Nailed it. 

This dance trend is an easy one to learn if you’re determined to get your whole family involved in your quest of becoming TikTok famous.

5. The most heartwarming thing we’ve ever seen

This video of a mum and dad eating every meal in the hallway so their daughter who is self-quarantining doesn’t have to eat alone is probably the most heartwarming thing we’ve seen all year.

6. Some much-needed advice

Now that we’re spending a lot more time at home with limited distractions, it might feel tempting to text people back we know we shouldn’t. Here’s a TikTok to help with that…

7. Something to sing along to… 

We can highly recommend blasting this throwback video of Luther Vandross’ Never Too Much on your Alexa every morning for instant feel-good vibes.

8. A HSM reunion! 

A High School Musical Reunion is exactly what we needed right now. And it’s even better when you realise Chad isn’t actually Chad though…

9. How to TikTok duet with Charli Damelio

Feeling sad that you and your best friend can’t make TikToks together? We found the next best thing: split screen TikToks that allow you to duet all your friends or Charli Damelio – your choice.

10. Who won the Euros in 2020?

This tweet giving us a glimpse at the future of pub quizzes has us actually laughing out loud. Always remember that no one won the Euros in 2020, it’s a trick question…

11. Rickey. Thompson. 


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A ‘best things we’ve seen on the Internet’ would never be complete without Rickey Thompson. His whole Instagram provides constant good vibes and this video is no exception.

12. Our favourite TikTok dance

Need some help on which TikTok dance to master next? This one’s our current favourite and we think learning it definitely counts as your daily workout.

13. Good one, lamp.

And finally, a Kardashian meme never goes amiss. Anyone else’s lamps seem to have become super funny in recent days? We feel you Kylie…

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