9 Influencers With The Coolest Apartments To Follow For Interior Inspiration

This week, we’ve been thinking about how important it is to make your house a home and surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable. There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all approach here: whilst some might prefer a serene Scandi environment at home, others find joy from a more eclectic mix. To help you figure out what your ideal vibe is, we looked to Instagram to get a glimpse into how others set out their space in their own unique way. Keep reading to discover nine of our favourite influencers who like to show off their dreamy apartments on their feed…

1. Alyssa Coscarelli – @alyssainthecity – for retro vibes

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It’s all about retro one-of-a-kind pieces for freelance fashion journalist Alyssa Coscarelli. She finds them everywhere, from vintage flea markets to cool independent boutiques and scatters them around her bright and airy New York City apartment. We’re obsessed with the mezzanine layout, the kitsch green and pink pops of colour and the cool contact-paper kitchen surface. But if you really want to get inspired, check out her IGTV apartment tour to see her walk-in wardrobe of dreams…

2. Anne-Laure Mais – @annelauremais – for vintage vibes

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Her bedroom ✨

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No one does shabby-chic Parisian style quite like Anne-Laure Mais. Made up of a muted colour palette of golds, tan browns and aged off-whites, her apartment is any vintage lovers paradise. As her social media shows, the trick to this style is keeping it all simple but adding a few more ornate pieces here and there – like a wall of framed impressionist paintings or a decorative mirror. Luckily for us, she’s documented her whole renovation process, from first buying her new place to a celebratory dinner party, in her Instagram highlights.

3. Harling Ross – @harlingross – for eclectic vibes

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Known for her larger-than-life blonde curly locks, quirky style and hilarious writing for Man Repeller, it’s no surprise that journalist Harling Ross has the most eclectic and energetic apartment ever! Whilst lots of the essential furniture is still in versatile neutral shades, the whole place is filled of fun colourful accents in the form of feature mirrors, book stacks, cushions, flowers and retro prints.

4. For Scandi vibes: @nhmml 

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🧡 those calm mornings at home

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Dotted with hand-picked pieces that are each a nod to the old-school Bauhaus style – like her all glass dining room table, spherical lamps and curved stools – Nina Himmelreich keeps her Viennese pad minimalist and super serene. Her background in architecture means she’s always on the lookout for cool structural furniture and has an eye for showing off her apartment on Instagram in the prettiest light.

5. Alice Catherine – @alicecatherine – for cosy vibes

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Cosy evenings at home 🌚

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Really into warm and cosy spaces? Then, Alice Catherine is the one for you. From the wooden beams and exposed red brick walls to the fluffy throws and quaint reading nooks, her home is one of the most welcoming spots we’ve seen on Instagram. We can’t imagine a more perfect place to put a fire on, curl up on the sofa and get lost in a good book or Netflix show.

6. Megan Ellaby – @meganellaby – for homely vibes

You might already follow Megan Ellaby’s Instagram for her fun and eccentric personal style but, it turns out, her house style is so good too that she has a secondary interior design account for it. Check out her home highlights or head over to @ellabode for inspiration on how to decorate a modern London town house with jewel toned furniture, oversized foliage and miscellaneous photo walls.

7. For monochrome vibes: @orionvanessa

Youtuber and author Orion Carloto’s Los Angeles home is so well put together it almost looks like it could be a concept store for interiors. Held in a muted and monochrome colour scheme and decorated with a mix of retro tech, renaissance details, lots of gold and stacks of books, it’s the perfect balance between minimal and eclectic and proves that less is more if you pick the right decor elements.

8. For ’70s vibes: @whinniewilliams

You can actually book singer Whinnie Williams’ Margate home as a location for photo or film shoots and she even has her own line of interiors, so that says something. Every room in this perfectly curated house has a specific theme and colour palette and it’s all styled to be as authentically ’70s as possible. Plus, you’ll find lots of decorations that relate to her love of poodles: from poodle plates to poodle picture frames and even a poodle wallpaper.

9. Haley Pesci – @haesci – for serene vibes

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Last but certainly not least, we have Haley Pesci. If we’ve learnt one thing from ogling at her airy and expansive apartment on Instagram for hours on end, it’s how to work with space. By keeping her open-plan setting pretty plain, she’s made the huge windows her main focus and ensured that her lounge area stays sun-soaked. We can’t get enough.


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