How To Take The Perfect Instagram OOTD Picture At Home

A great way to keep your days feeling a bit more normal is making the effort to get dressed every morning – especially when you’ll get a nice picture to upload to Instagram out of it. Think capturing an Instagram-worthy picture is impossible indoors? Our feeds flooded with face-mask selfies, gorgeous apartments and stylish loungewear looks beg to differ. So, keep scrolling to discover our step by step guide to capturing the perfect OOTD picture from the comfort of your own home…

1. Get the lighting right


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The comfiest kind of Monday morning attire… πŸ“· @georgwhite #TopshopStyle Tap to shop or shop via the πŸ”— in bio.

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Good lighting is key to any good photo. Luckily, it’s super sunny outside at the moment so getting some natural light into your house shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. Of course, the sun is constantly moving around so don’t hesitate to relocate your mirror throughout the day to find which lighting works best for you!

2. Add a pop of colour

Typically, our loungewear outfits come exclusively in a colour wheel of blacks, whites and greys. So, by switching up your home time looks with a pop of colour, won’t just instantly make you feel more positive, it’s also a great way to brighten up your follower’s feeds.

3. Don’t be afraid to dress up


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Even though we have nowhere to go, now is the ideal time to play dress up for fun! Put together some of your favourite outfits, do your hair and make-up and you’ll soon notice a boost in mood and a sudden urge to take some photos. Plus, we think flowy dresses are pretty underrated when it comes to their comfort levels!

4. Your pyjamas can also count as an OOTD


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We know pyjamas and loungewear are probably higher on your list of priorities right now, so don’t be afraid to capture your nightwear looks too. We’re seeing pyjama selfies everywhere at the moment, usually with a side serving of face masks. We’re low key hoping this trend never dies…

5. Incorporate your home decor


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Spending time with this guy

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Since spending more time in our house, we’ve suddenly become super obsessed with home decor. So what better way to showcase yours than featuring it in your OOTD selfie? You could even match your outfit with something in your room – like a lamp or a piece of art. Not only will it look great in photos, it’s also a fun little challenge to set yourself.

6. It’s all in the details


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& lastly in this trio of nudes we have a close up of this cute fluffy cosy cardigan.

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A close-up outfit shot is a great way of switching things up. If you’ve been wearing jewellery or some extra cute accessories lately, this is the perfect way to show them off. Don’t worry if no one is around to take these pictures for you, just use your self timer and you can crop your photos down to capture the best bits.

7. Take it outside


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stretching in the sun πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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Getting some fresh air during these weeks spent mainly indoors is vital for keeping your mental health in check. Whether it’s your lunchtime stroll or morning workout in the garden, your home’s outdoor area has never been a better backdrop for your OOTD. It’s also a great change of scenery from your bedroom or bathroom mirror if you want to keep your feed interesting.


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