What Your Favourite Animal Crossing Characters Would Wear In Real Life

Obsessed with Animal Crossing New Horizons right now? The Nintendo Switch game that let’s you create your own island has been all over social media these past weeks and we’re not surprised. Packed with cute animal characters, fun activities and challenges, it’s the perfect game for lockdown. To celebrate how much we love it, we looked at some of the most popular characters and imaged what they’d wear in real life. From Isabelle to new character Judy, keep scrolling to discover the looks we created for them…

1. Isabelle

Shih Tzu Isabelle is Tom Nook’s left hand, responsible for your island’s facilities. Her uniform consists of a beige skirt and a Hawaiian print shirt, so we think she’d stick to that in real life too. To incorporate a bit of the pink she wears, we chose some pink mules for her and added a red scrunchie to mirror her hair accessory in the game.

2. Marina

Marina – the cute octopus whose singing videos have gone viral on TikTok – loves all things pink and printed but her style is still quite casual. This chuck-on dress is comfortable enough so that she’d love it and mirrors her colours too. We’re sure she’d wear it with some box-fresh trainers, a yellow bag and starfish earrings.

3. Rosie

We reimagined cat Rosie’s checked shirt dress as a ’60s-style blouse and skirt combo, keeping with the colours of her outfit. The white mules, pink crossbody bag and Vintage-style shades are the accessories we think she’d pick to make the look truly her own.

4. Stitches

Inspired by Stitches’ signature look, we picked a pair of star-print jeans to start off the bear’s outfit. The matching knit bucket hat and top reflect the rainbow colours and the ’70s vibe this popular character conveys. Some slides and fun sunglasses give it the perfect final touch and this Stitches-inspired outfit is complete.

5. Cherry

Everybody loves dog Cherry’s edgy style, so we think she would definitely be just as cool in real life too. She would love a good band tee but she’d style it in unexpected ways – like paired with a bright pink midi skirt. The chunky boots and silver jewellery add a gothy finishing touch perfect for Cherry.

6. Molly Duck

Duck Molly is almost never seen without her yellow pussy bow dress, so it’s good luck we found a dress she’d definitely love just as much in reality. The orange accessories mirror her other colours and we’d give her a jumper in a different shade of yellow for a colder evening too.

7. Judy

We just know that Judy, the bear that is a new characters to Animal Crossing‘s latest release New Horizons, would love this white ruffled dress. To reflect the red, purple and blue that make up the rest of her look, we added some lilac mules, a multicolour neck scarf and teal sunglasses.


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