7 Easy Ways To Master A Bold Make Up Look This Summer

During lockdown – with endless TikTok tutorials and plenty of Instagram inspiration to go by- you might have gotten into the swing of experimenting with your make up more than usual. After all, it’s sort of reassuring to know you don’t need to leave the house if it goes wrong or if you go for a really bold look. But actually, being able to head outside in the peak of summer lends itself perfectly to trying out some brighter make up looks in real life too. Whilst a red lip, blue eyes and pink cheeks topped with glitter situation might not be for everyone, we found seven looks that are easy to recreate and bold but without being too over the top. Scroll to find your favourite…

1. Blushed


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Perhaps the simplest way to make your everyday look a little bolder is by packing on the blush a lot heavier than usual and making it the focus of your face. Take tips from Iris Law and use your favourite lipstick shade as a cheek colour too, resulting in the ultimate matchy-matchy look.

2. Neon nails


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If you’re typically all about neutral tones when it comes to the face, then an alternative way to ease yourself into some bold beauty is with a neon nail colour. They complement all complexions and add a pop to simple of outfits. Plus, they’re a surefire way to make you feel summery even when the weather isn’t playing ball.

3. White liner


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White eyeliner is probably our favourite make up trend we’ve seen all season. Although not bright, as a stark contrast to our usual black flicks this look is definitely bold. The trick here is to actually add the liner to the crease of your eye, as opposed to the lashline, for a modern nod to the ’60s.

4. A classic


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This looks needs no convincing, as a classic red lip with a more natural face will always look good. It is however always important to find the right shade of red for you. So if you’re warm-toned, opt for something with more of an orange undertone. If cool-toned, opt for something with a more blue undertone like a burgundy or cherry shade.

5. New shades


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Back to the blush: if you’re really looking to try something new then ditch your typical pink and peach shades and try some oranges, purples and reds for a change. This one is pretty bold so maybe save it for some festival themed parties or an Instagram picture at first to get used to it.

6. Brighten the inner corner


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A common beauty tip is to add a lighter eyeshadow shade or highlighter to the inner corners of your eye to make you look more awake and brighten the eyes. This summer, we’re taking that a step further by adding a really bright shade into that area – it’s super effective but really simple to achieve.

7. Pastel shapes


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Another liner trend to try for a brighter look, is adding a pastel block of colour above your usual black liner keeping the rest of the eye almost bare. Pastels aren’t too bright, meaning you shouldn’t feel too out of your comfort zone and with a look so simple to recreate you can’t go wrong.


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