The Netflix Releases To Watch This September 2020

Just in time for autumn and more cosy days spent snuggled up indoors, Netflix is about to drop a whole list of incredible new shows and films. In fact, we think this might be Netflix’ best month ever. So, want to know what we’ll be tuning into? From films that scream award season to fascinating documentaries and a brand new Ryan Murphy binge-watch, here’s the definitive list of all the new releases you need to know about this September 2020…

Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices

Released on Netflix’s Junior site, Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices is the educational show anyone should watch this month. Featuring Black celebrities and artists reading children’s books from Black authors, the episodes highlight the Black experience and centre around themes of identity, respect, justice, and action. Through the content featured in these books, the show aims to provide families with a toolset to start meaningful conversations with kids about difficult topics.

– Now streaming on Netflix

Chef’s Table: BBQ

BBQ season might be almost over here in the UK, but you can still get your fix on Netflix. Chef’s Table returns for its latest iteration, delving into the smoky, juicy world of barbecue. Follow along as the show features chefs and pitmasters that range from an 85-year-old grandmother who still shovels the coals at her Texas restaurant to a remarkable Australian chef who sources all of his ingredients from the Outback.

– Coming to Netflix on 2nd September 2020


This time of year was made for watching thrilling dramas, so Away is dropping just when we need it most. Starring Hilary Swank, this movie celebrates the incredible advancements humans can achieve and the personal sacrifices they must make along the way. As an American astronaut prepares to lead an international crew on the first mission to Mars, she must reconcile her decision to leave behind her husband and teenage daughter when they need her the most…

– Coming to Netflix on 4th September 2020

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Then you need to add I’m Thinking of Ending Things by director Charlie Kaufman to your watchlist. Despite second thoughts about their relationship, a young woman takes a road trip with her new boyfriend to his family farm. Trapped at the farm during a snowstorm with Jake’s parents, she begins to question the nature of everything she knew or understood about her boyfriend, herself, and the world…

– Coming to Netflix on 4th September 2020

The Social Dilemma

We’ve all thought about what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media will be, and this movie aims to make some predictions. As digital platforms increasingly become a lifeline to stay connected, Silicon Valley insiders reveal how social media is reprogramming civilisation by exposing what’s hiding on the other side of your screen.

– Coming to Netflix on 9th September 2020

Get Organized with The Home Edit

Home organisation has become a huge craze over the past few years, and this is the next show to feed your obsession. Join the master organisers and authors behind the innovative home organisation company The Home Edit as they showcase their skills over eight episodes. Each episode dives into an organisational project for a celebrity (including Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Zoe and Khloe Kardashian) and a civilian, providing inspiration to every aspirational organiser.

– Coming to Netflix on 9th September 2020

Julie and the Phantoms

Need a fun, easy-going show to binge? Consider Julie and the Phantoms, which tells the story of high schooler Julie who lost her passion for music after her mom died last year. But when the ghosts of three dreamy musicians from 1995 suddenly appear in her mom’s old music studio, Julie feels her own inner spirit beginning to reawaken, and she’s inspired to start singing and writing songs again.

– Coming to Netflix on 10th September 2020

The Duchess

We just know you’ll love comedian Katherine Ryan’s debut scripted series The Duchess, following the powerful and problematic choices of a fashionably disruptive single mom living in London. Her daughter, Olive, is her greatest love so she debates a second child with her greatest enemy: Olive’s dad. Can two wrongs make another right?

– Coming to Netflix on 11th September 2020

The Devil All The Time

Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan, Tom Holland and Bill Skarsgård – all in one movie? Yes, dreams do come true sometimes. In Netflix’ blockbuster release of the month, sinister characters — an unholy preacher, a twisted couple and a crooked sheriff — converge around young Arvin Russell as he fights the evil forces that threaten him and his family. Spanning the time between World War II and the Vietnam war, this movie creates a seductive and horrific landscape that pits the just against the corrupted.

– Coming to Netflix on 16th September 2020


Ryan Murphy finally returns to horror with Ratched this month, a suspenseful drama series that tells the origin story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched. In 1947, she arrives in Northern California to seek employment at a leading psychiatric hospital where new and unsettling experiments have begun on the human mind. On a clandestine mission, she begins to infiltrate the mental health care system and those within it – revealing that true monsters are made, not born…

– Coming to Netflix on 18th September 2020

American Murder: The Family Next Door

This is the true-crime docu we’re looking forward to this September. In 2018, 34-year-old Shanann Watts and her two young daughters went missing in Frederick, Colorado. As heartbreaking details emerged, their story made headlines worldwide. Told entirely through archival footage that includes social media posts, law enforcement recordings, text messages and never-before-seen home videos, this film pieces together an immersive and truthful examination of a police investigation and a disintegrating marriage.

– Coming to Netflix on 30th September 2020


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