5 Of Our Favourite Autumnal Recipes You Need To Try Now

When the weather gets colder, we often find ourselves getting much more interested in experimenting in the kitchen. Recently, we turned to our favourite virtual cookbook – Instagram – to find all the best autumnal recipes to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We actually found so many, but managed to narrow it down to five of our top choices including both sweet and savoury options. From vegan pumpkin soup to caramelised apples, these are the must-know recipes for right now. Bon appétit…

1. Vegan pumpkin soup


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An obvious forever favourite for autumn, especially around Halloween-time, is pumpkin soup. And, we think it’s even better when it’s vegan. It’s a perfect option for any extra-cold days and we’re labelling it the food equivalent of a long hug. There are plenty of different ways you can personalise this to make it suited for your taste, or you could just to experiment to make it even more exciting each time.

2. Giant jaffa cake


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Is it a biscuit, is it a cake? Let the jaffa cake debate end by making a giant cake with the soft sponge base, zingy orange layer and the thick layer of chocolate just like the original. We love jaffa cakes all year round, but something about the orange tang makes it all the more appropriate for this season. We can’t wait to try this one out…

3. Honey balsamic sprouts


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Sprouts are definitely a controversial vegetable, but – if prepared well, they often turn out to be one of the best parts of a Sunday roast (or any other dish for that matter). Right now, we like them best with honey and balsamic for something a little savoury meets sweet. But, you can also try out different combinations like parmesan and chilli or – if you’re really looking forward to that Christmas feeling – you could go for chestnuts and sherry vinegar.

4. Veggie ramen with squash


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Another warm and comforting option, that tastes just as good as it looks, is veggie ramen. The best part about this one is that you can add whatever you like it to, depending on what you’ve got in the cupboard – so right now, definitely add some squash to the mix to make it extra seasonal.  A couple of other favourites to add are kale, carrots and tofu.

5. Caramelised apples


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A particularly festive treat that’s super easy to make, is caramelised apples. While we wouldn’t recommend any apple bobbing going on right now, this is another fun Halloween activity that is sure to get you in the spirit. These taste great on their own or as an extra special breakfast topping like on porridge – or, you could just go straight for covering your apples in caramel or chocolate for a full-blown dessert.


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