5 Of The Most Creative Halloween Makeup Looks To Try This Year

Even though Halloween will undoubtedly look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun of dressing up. So, why don’t you use this time to try a super bold and creative makeup look this 2020? To get some inspiration on what to go for, we looked to TikTok for the ultimate Halloween makeup inspiration below. Whether you’re attending a virtual party or just taking selfies at home, you’ll definitely stand out with these…

1. Corpse bride

@vvictoriajanexEmily deserved BETTER.. 💀🖤 ##corpsebride ##fyp ##halloweenmakeup♬ Tears to Shed – Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Soundtrack-Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Horrocks And Enn Reitel

If you’re a Tim Burton fan, this one’s for you. You’ve probably seen The Corpse Bride a thousand times, so why not transform yourself into the main character Emily this Halloween? You’ll need some blue, white and black face paint to create the illusion of her features. Finish of the look with a grey wig and a spooky veil…

2. Make it red

@oskarartem##makeitredchallange ##makeupvideo @ashnikko ##foryou♬ MAKE IT RED CHALLENGE [Ashnikko – Daisy] – Call me Jony 🤓

Sometimes it only takes a few touch-ups to take your makeup look from stunning to scary. Start with bold eye-makeup including burnt red eyeshadow and dramatic liner and a dark lip and go from there. Add smudged tears and overdraw the mouth, there are no limits to your creativity here. Plus, adding white contacts will definitely do the trick…

3. Dollhouse

@charlottelooks##DOLLHOUSECHALLENGE♬ Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez

If you want to go for a Halloween costumes that is cute – but also scary enough – a cracked, haunted doll is the perfect pick. Create porcelain-looking skin as a base and outline the cracks with a dark brown eyeshadow stick, then add intricate details and depth with a super skinny black liquid liner. Keep the rest of your features super crisp and clean and wear dramatic eyelashes for that doll-eyed look.

4. A pop of colour

@challxnRough transition but makeup inspo: @andreagzx♬ Maejor – Lights Down Low – 🎉 Auditions are open!!! 🎉

Halloween makeup doesn’t always have to be super dark. This look incorporates a ton of colours and still fits the theme perfectly. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to use that bright and colourful eyeshadow palette you have laying around. Start with a white base and add every colour you like to eyes, cheeks and lips. If you want it take this look to the next level, use eyelash glue to create a border of pearls around your face. False lashes and spooky contacts will pull it all together.

5. Sad clown

@abbyrartistrysad tears of a clown♬ original sound – Citrus ₍•͈ᴗ•͈₎

Scary clowns are always a go-to for Halloween and this look is actually not super difficult to pull off, as you don’t need a ton of products. Simply grab your white face paint, black eyeshadow and liner and your favourite blush. Don’t forget to glue down your eyebrows first, so you have a smooth canvas for the iconic down-turned sad clown brows. For you outfit stick to a black, white and red colour palette to create a cohesive look.


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