5 Things To Do This Halloween 2020 You Should Book Now

Although spooky season is looking a little different this year – meaning no fancy dress parties, no trick or treating and definitely no apple bopping – there are actually still plenty of fun things you can get up to this Halloween. But, you will have to book them pretty soon as most have a lower capacity level and are predicted to sell-out quicker than usual. To save you the hassle of scouring the Internet trying to find the best event for you, we’ve found five of our favourite options that still have tickets available and have taken all the necessary Covid precautions to keep you safe. Remember to stay below a group of six, wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance from others and have a happy Halloween!

1. Drive-in

Something that’s perfectly suited to groups below six or just socialising with those in your household is heading to a drive-in. Drive-in cinemas have become pretty popular over the summer with many of them now airing Halloween films for the occasion. Some places are even making the experience completely immersive, like The Big Scream Event in Market Harborough where the film showing is complete with live actors to make sure the experience is truly frightening.

2. Pumpkin patches

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghouls and zombies. If you’re into something a little more wholesome that doesn’t involve nightmares for weeks, a day trip to a pumpkin patch is sure to be right up your street. There’s plenty dotted all over the UK so you’re bound to find one not too far from you. For any Londoners reading, our top pick would be Crockford Bridge Farm in Surrey for it’s much-loved pumpkin festival taking place later in the month.

3. Ghost tours

Most cities all over the UK offer both walking and bus driven ghost tours showing you all of the supposed most haunted places of the area. In London, you can visit the Old Operating Theatre for a chilling look into old medical and surgical practices. Or, take a guided walk with paranormal expert Richard Jones through the streets, graveyards and alleyways of old London where supposedly no other ghost tours in the city dare to take you. And for this year, you can even take the tour virtually if you’re not local or would rather stay in.

4. Fright nights

Theme park fright nights are a firm favourite every year, so we’re so glad they haven’t been cancelled this year and have been reintroduced with all new safety measures. Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are of course our top picks. Not only can you ride their scariest rollercoasters after dark, but they usually bring something new each year to make it even more exciting like intense scare mazes or the ‘whispering souls’ attraction coming this year to Alton Towers. Make sure you book your tickets for these quick as they’re always a sell-out!

5. Something at home

If you’re still not feeling too comfortable with the idea of heading out with a bunch of other people during these times, don’t fret. The best Halloween nights are often the ones spent at home: think pumpkin carving, a scary movie night, making candy apples or even just dressing up and putting some scary makeup on purely for the Instagram picture. Whatever suits.